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I am looking for new ideas for extra credit for my students. I don't believe that students should be able to pass only because of extra credit. I have assigned review pages the day before the test, hoping that it would help the students two ways, first with extra credit points and then by improving the test scores. Usually, the A students are the ones who do it. I have considered having students look up videos on You Tube, but am not sure how that would be graded. Do any of you have ideas for extra credit that the students actually enjoy doing? I am wanting something that does use the topics and not just fun things.

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Comment by Paula Larsen on January 26, 2010 at 7:30pm
I had a thought sometime in the middle of the night about a possibility for extra credit. We have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lateley. I've spent some time watching math-specific ones. How about having the students watch a youtube video on the topic at hand and report something that they learned from it? Or - have them create their own you tube video on their topic? This could be done individually or in a small group??
Comment by Tarah Sorensen on January 26, 2010 at 11:09pm

I also do not believe students should be able to pass classes only because of extra credit. Within my first two years of being a teacher I had the option of extra credit. I absolutely love Sudoku puzzles and made them for my students for extra credit. At first, students did not understand how to figure them out....but as time went on more students started turning them in. At first, I would help the students when they got stuck and check their puzzle half-way through. Then, I realized this was not a good idea. In the end, I had students work out the puzzles on their own; without my help. Now, whether or not they were getting help from other teachers or students, who knows. Each puzzle was only one point and there was a puzzle each week. Plus, as each week passed by the level would increase....from Level 1, to Level 2....etc....all the way up to Level 5. After Level 5, we would start over at Level 1. Where did I get the Sudoku puzzles from? Well, it was nice to have the Omaha World Herald paper because they also provide the answers to the well as having five levels throughout one week. You can also find Sudoku puzzle books at a book store or on the internet. To save on paper I would put two side by side using landscape page layout instead of portrait. I have not figured out how to put four on a page yet, but most likely it is possible. This is just an idea. I thought it was fun since it has to do with numbers….as so do Math, haha. Well, hope you find something to work out. It is a disadvantage for the students who do not take the time to do the review problems before the test. Take care!

~ TaRaH :)
Comment by Charlene Price on January 28, 2010 at 8:24am
Thanks ladies. Both of these are good ideas. I guess I am always trying to find something that will eventually help them on their test. But, if the extra credit improves their math skills and helps them have fun, at the same time, that is a win win scenario. I do think I will try both sudoko puzzles and the you tube. I would love to see what creations they come up with.


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