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I present some experiments with interactive geometry software on at: Circles in Triangles using Geometric Construction. This follows on from my previous presentation: Inscribe Semicircle In Square by Geometric Construction. Both slide shows use Geometric Construction to explore basic geometric shapes. I used the free Dr Geo and Geogebra software to create constructions that explore Euclidean geometry in a plane. There are problems for you to investigate: (i) Inscribe four circles in a circle using geometric construction. (ii) Discover additional circles in the equilateral triangle shown in the diagram. This is a fresh look at some ancient mathematics, using readily available PC software.

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Comment by Ramon Eixarch on June 24, 2010 at 11:00am
Hi Collin,

could you upload the Dr. Geo or Geogebra files here or in Slideshare? We are working in InterGEO, a research project that aims to exchange files created with different geometric software packages .

Ramon Eixarch
Comment by Colin McAllister on July 4, 2010 at 6:08am
Ramon, Thank you for recommending the geometry sharing website. I have upload the two slide shows, and my geometry data files for Dr Geo and Geogebra to as you suggested. I also uploaded a png image file for each construction. Anyone can find them there by entering my user name "colinmca" in the search box. I hope that some of the constructions are of interest to teachers or students for a geometry tutorial or project.


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