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May 2009 Blog Posts (6)

Is your aptitude for mathematics being wasted?

If it is, then you may find this article inspiring: American Culture Derails Girl Math Whizzes. ScienceDaily (Oct. 13, 2008) — A culture of neglect and, at some age levels, outright social ostracism, is derailing a generation of students, especially girls, deemed the very best in mathematics, according to a new study. The report was published Oct. 10 in the Notices of the American… Continue

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Inspiring Web tools

I stumbled upon this collection via twitter.


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A great mathematician Chen Jingrun

Photo of Chen Jingrun from the website:

I am not familiar with his work, but I found the story of Chen Jingrun (1933-1996) fascinating. He graduated from Xiamen University in 1953 became researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His work led to progress in analytic number theory. His Chinese home… Continue

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Thoughts About Creating A Mathematics Social Network

Are you thinking about creating a new social network for discussing mathematics? That would be a responsible undertaking, and you would need to have sufficient time and energy to make the commitment. If you are too busy, there are existing social networks for mathematics that you can join. I discuss some of the considerations in my blog post at

If you don't wish to read… Continue

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Using a Spreadsheet to Check a Calculus Problem

QUESTION: ABCD is a square with sides of unit length. points E and F are taken respectively on sides AB and AD such that AE=AF. find the maximum area of CDFE. ( The question was was posted by Keith on the SYNTAX ERROR mathematics group on Friendster)

MY ANSWER: (Posted on the Mirimatics… Continue

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What is the relationship between a Derivative and an Integral

A derivative and an integral have an inverse relationship. If some function f(x) has an integral g(x), then the derivative of g(x) will be f(x). To be more precise, the integral of f(x) will be g(x) + c, where 'c' is a constant; any constant really. We can't determine it's value from f(x), because when we differentiate 'c', we always get 0, for any value of 'c', provided that 'c' is a… Continue

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