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Pythagorean Triplet

To verify a pythagorean triplet check if it has no common factor.
Then if the smallest number is even then equate to 2m, check for m^2 - 1, m^2 +1.
If the smallest is odd then equate to sqrt of 2m+1, find m and m+1.

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Rational Numbers


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Connected Wiki Classrooms

I am glad to share with you a dummy wiki set up for those Math teachers who are interested in creating online wiki classrooms 24x7 to bridge a gap which is created after school hours when a student needs a support system.

We all have experienced through three dimensions of teaching learning of Mathematics, which are a Mathematics classroom with an instant board, Mathematics laboratory and a multimedia enriched classroom in the school. The 4th dimension…


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WIRIS news #6

WIRIS formula editor 3, compatible with mobile devices, is now available for Moodle 2. Check our latest newsletter at and subscribe to it at…


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WIRIS free resources

Dear colleagues,

We have created a free repository of math questions at Up to date, there are slightly over 3000 questions in the repository, all of them created by teachers and shared under a Creative Commons licence.

If you would like to participate, you can:

  • Point your students to the URL of any random exercise for training purposes, as they have fix URLs. For example: …

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Math and PBL

Mathematics is a rich and complex subject filled with real life application. However, due to the pressure of the "test" and the mass amount of material, teachers find themselves getting through the content by lecture and drill. As Dan Meyer says, "The mathematics classroom needs a make over." Telannia Norfar, BIE National Faculty, will take you through Project Based Learning process which combines mastery of mathematics content and communication/collaboration/critical thinking skills.…


Added by Telannia Norfar on January 11, 2012 at 9:00am — 2 Comments


Colin's link to the blog post on causation reminded me of the post I wrote on my blog recently on infographics.

There are some excellent examples available.

You can see the examples and resources here.

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The Math Connection discussion group on LinkedIn

A discussion group with over 2300 members. Created by Andrei Radulescu-Banu for discussing mathematics in K-12, primary and secondary school. Do create your own topic for discussion. There is likely to be a quick response and active debate. This group is open to anyone on LinkedIn.

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Dated Magic Squares

Today I blogged about how to create a dated magic square? Visit the link



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Mathematical Randomness, coming soon

I came up with the idea of making a blog called Mathematical Randomness. Every two days, or so, I'll go to the World of Mathematics website, read a random article, and come back here and blog about what I read and any questions I have. I think my first blog will be on direction fields. I came up with this idea when looking at an old diify-q book.

Wolfram Mathworld

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Mathematics books

Knowing this is Mathematics 24x7, many have probably read mathematical books for the fun of it.  Who is your favorite author?te Mine is Ivars Peterson.…


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Exploring Discussion Forums - An article for free download - With thanks to members of this group

Rebecca Hanson and I have just finished writing this article, inspired by discussions we had on this and other online forums. Talking about maths and education here motivates us to continue exploring the subject. We try to understand online discussions about mathematics education, and give  practical tips about using forums. Free PDF or DOC at:… Continue

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Paper-Folding using Interactive Geometry Software

Interactive geometry programs such as GeoGebra and CaRMetal are powerful tools for learning about geometry. You can use them to explore the basic principles of paper-folding (Origami). I learned about the mathematics of folding paper circles from:…


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Circles Inscribed In Triangles

I present some experiments with interactive geometry software on at: Circles in Triangles using Geometric Construction. This follows on from my previous presentation:…


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Inscribe Semicircle In Square by Geometric Construction

How would you inscribe a semicircle into a square using geometric construction? I prepared this slide show to demonstrate the steps of

construction. It can be viewed or downloaded at Semicircle In Square… Continue

Added by Colin McAllister on April 12, 2010 at 4:13am — 9 Comments

Pre-Calculus Projects

I met with the other Pre-Calculus teachers yesterday for a planning meeting. A decision was made to assign a Pre-Calculus project to the students as an end of the year project. We also felt that the students really don't know the unit circle and would like to incorporate the unit circle in the project. I could use some help with ideas for this project. Can anyone suggest some?

Added by Myra Deister on April 4, 2010 at 1:53am — 4 Comments

Assessing understanding of function in equation form

I believe that if mathematics teachers are aware of the differing level of abstraction in students' thinking and reasoning when they work with function in equation form then the teachers would be better equipped to design appropriate instruction to lead students towards a… Continue

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How much repetition is necessary?

I have been talking about homework and practice. How much practice is necessary for a student to really understand how to do something? I have seen research that says 20-30 repetitions will generally store something in permanent memory. Many have posted on the forum/discussion site that they assign 5-10 problems. Is this enough? Is it only once or is it 5-10 related problems for more than one day? I have students that require several days of practice before they get some topics - and even then… Continue

Added by Paula Larsen on January 28, 2010 at 9:11am — 4 Comments

Graphic organizers

Have any of you used graphic organizers. I use a foldable with my students while teaching the chapter on quadrilaterals in geometry. It seems to help them. I am interested in learning a variety of ideas that any of you have found helpful in your math classrooms.

Added by Charlene Price on January 28, 2010 at 8:32am — 2 Comments

New ideas for extra credit wanted

I am looking for new ideas for extra credit for my students. I don't believe that students should be able to pass only because of extra credit. I have assigned review pages the day before the test, hoping that it would help the students two ways, first with extra credit points and then by improving the test scores. Usually, the A students are the ones who do it. I have considered having students look up videos on You Tube, but am not sure how that would be graded. Do any of you have ideas for… Continue

Added by Charlene Price on January 24, 2010 at 8:31am — 3 Comments

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