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Maria Droujkova
Philosophy of life
There are several types of meaning: utility, beauty, play, love. Humans construct their own meanings.

Let us help our young to construct their own mathematical meanings. Let us make math beautiful, useful, fun to make our own beautiful, useful, fun math. Let us love one another in the context of math.
Cyber House
Your Inspiration
Make math your own, to make your own math.
You in one line.
Human, wife, mother, mentor, coach, author.

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At 9:10am on March 16, 2009, Rashmi Kathuria said…
Glad to see U here.
Welcome to Mathematics 24x7. The purpose of this network is to just talk about all possibilities in Mathematics .There are people who love this subject and at the same time there are ones who are struggling for it.
Let us join our hands and look for all possibilities to make it interesting for everybody.
Thanks for joining this network.
Keep Sharing
At 9:14pm on March 22, 2009, Rashmi Kathuria said…
I am happy to give you this badge for your contribution in field of Mathematics. Keep up the good work and keep sharing.

At 4:35am on March 24, 2009, Teaching in Harmony said…
...loved your blog, Maria!
At 5:15am on July 30, 2009, Andreas said…
I have just some poor proposals (to establish a future version of your 24*7 network. But I do not have the resources to launch it myself. My Proposal:
[Caution: This will be extreme techy! show it to someone who is that skilled.]
Open/Free/Libre Mathematical Education Sharing Platform.
Should be based upon: Ajax-Controls which enable a graphical calculator....
MathML (OpenData, Access) should be implemented...
Communication with a Jabber (jingle) protocol should be set up (Videochatting, but with different protocols)
Perhaps Livestreaming of solving a complex problem ...
It should have rating functions for problem proposals, should include group functions)
It should rely on Internationalization (i8n), Open Protocols like Open Social (Google) -> (Wave??) other really great FLOSS Tools [Api, Abi]... It should be able to handle vector maths to apply them to a given problem and show unexperienced users what this function would be looking like. Language for this thing could be PHP (swiss army knife of connecting things) and the Zend Framework....
Don't get me wrong; This project is absolutely huge and ambitious. Theoretically you can (if you know what are you doing), build such a project nearly for free, but you have to acquire a team of extraordinary good software developers, with outstanding Maths knowledge... But the real costs will be (all this is going to get run) TRAFFIC! Depends on the number of invited users... As an example I would suggest running ELGG software which is a much more free contender to NING and then you'll have your own very customizable Open Networking Software. Perhaps you can ELGG connect to the Drupal/Typo3 software to handle the content.... Twitter, Jabber etc Plugin are not so hard to implement, but then everything will be tricky: The (compare it weakly to interface won't be built up, by any developer well as all the other complex stuff.... But in the end, you'll have maybe the most mathematical enriched, futurist, and open Platform that exists anywhere on the world wide web.... Imagine... a bunch of people are discussing a complex maths problem... about applied maths in streaming science... You have a dashboard where every member is able to write, sketch, annotate, comment contents, change statistical values, enter new mathematical numbers, and impresses everybody out there (logged in) because everyone involved into this project is NO PROFESSIONAL Developer at a secret building within a Top S&P Company. And therefore is being able to license at his own will what he/she/they had been discovering/developing... Maria, you were asking in another thread where is Maths 2.0 and I am telling you, that you are able to excel 2.0 even beyond 3.0 which is based on semantics, if you are really focused. Learning could be that INSPIRING! feel free to answer me: on my profile here, or on my yahoo account: Yours sincerely Andreas Posur... But even if you do understand nothing please provide this proposal to everyone else. I would definitely build up that, but my time and resources are limited. [study at a technical university and such things]
At 5:41am on August 7, 2009, Craig Ugoretz said…
Hi Maria,

My name is Craig Ugoretz and I am a new member of Mathematics 24 x 7. I have a bachelors degree in computer science and have worked as a software developer. For the past six years in my spare time I have enjoyed reading about new developments in computer science, but I have also held an interest in mathematics as well. I have wanted to expand my knowledge of higher level mathematics to the point of publishing a research paper in the field as a recreational mathematician.

I have gotten to thinking, "Wouldn't it be neat if there were social networks available to help tutor people on most any math problem they may have as an alternative to a university setting?" This in turn has gotten me thinking about what the incentive would be for people to want to tutor others or to be tutored. I know there exist sites like Cramster and Course Hero where people I think can get solutions to problems based upon their willingness to upload solutions of their own. My idea is to create a system on that order but done in "real time".

To this end I would like to initiate a discussion of some of the computer science topics I have learned about and how they could be applied to the creation of the above system. This, I think, would require people with both mathematical and computer science interests and could get quite technical. Possibly these interactions could be used to start open source software projects. My knowledge of the subjects, quite frankly however, lacks depth (I know how some technologies fit together at a high level), but perhaps something could get started at least. My desire to learn is what is driving my interest in initiating such a discussion. I see that you have been active in the areas of Math 2.0 and social mathematics per your activities on Mathematics 24x7, so I thought that contacting you would be a good place to start.

Thanks kindly,
Craig Ugoretz

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