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Given the three point A(1,1) B(2,4) C(6,2). Can you give the length of the height going through B ? (Give the simplest answer !)

Started by Christian Baune

7 Aug 4, 2016
Reply by Christian Baune

Circumference of a thin coin balanced in a measuring cylinder

A measuring cylinder has an internal diameter of 2 inches. A disc of negligible thickness (a coin) is balanced on its edge in the base of t…

Started by Colin McAllister

0 Dec 10, 2011

submitting any research just made in mathematics

Hi, my main discussion today is about how to submit something as ideas or discoveries if made by me to the world, I think there may be a we…

Started by Shahzad Karim

8 Aug 12, 2011
Reply by Anne Donovan

Probability - Estimation of certainty based on random samples

Question 1. We have 4 decks of cards, and each deck is missing a different suit: 1.            D(R), S(B), C(B) 2. H(R),            S(B), C…

Started by Colin McAllister

1 Aug 11, 2011
Reply by Anne Donovan

Vertical Curve Problem

Vertical Curve Problem     Given:   Two tangents to a roadway profile intersect at an elevation of 100.  The first tangent is at a 2% up…

Started by Math Chique

2 Aug 9, 2011
Reply by Anne Donovan

A Broken Stem of Bamboo

A 10-ft-long stem of bamboo is broken in such a way that its tip touches the ground 3ft from the base of the stem. What is the height of th…

Started by Colin McAllister

2 Aug 8, 2011
Reply by Anne Donovan

Largest Semicircle Inscribable in a Unit Square

What is the largest area of the semi-circle that can be inscribed in a square of edge length 1 unit? That is a question posted by harpreet…

Started by Colin McAllister

16 Nov 7, 2010
Reply by Colin McAllister

Height of a distant skyscraper?

Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building, can be seen 95 km away. How tall is it?

Started by Colin McAllister

3 Nov 7, 2010
Reply by Math Chique

Which vehicle upgrade saves the most energy?

This question is from the interactive quiz "What saves more energy?" on vehicle upgrade saves the most energy?A) Switch…

Started by Colin McAllister

2 Sep 9, 2010
Reply by Colin McAllister

Locks and keys

Pls see this problem

Started by Rashmi Kathuria

0 Jan 21, 2010


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