Mathematics 24x7

There is no escape...believe it or not. Mathematics is everywhere.

People have shared Mathematics in an interesting and creative manner. I thought of making a pool of interesting Math links. You are welcome to add to the list.
Math resources
Math posters
Interesting Math games
Interactive 3x3 Magic square
The Frog Puzzle
Interesting to know
Largest Prime
Math Videos
Math Videos on Math Playground
Math Tv
Interactive Mathematics...Learning Math facts
Int Math
Estimating Angles
Recreational Mathematics Links...
Geometrical activities using strings
Mathematical Experiments
Playing with squared paper
Making Dramis
Making Rangoli Patterns
Mathematical patterns using beads
Making Math patterns using circles

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Interesting Math lesson ...teaching Geometry
Thank you for including so many math resources.

My collection of math lenses with ideas for teaching creative, hands-on math are collected at
Hi Rashmi,

This is a good idea. It might also be a good idea to start a DIIGO group called "Interesting Math Links". You could then grab the RSS feed from the group and drop it here in the ning in a sidebar. It would also be a good way to expand this community by attracting more people; they'd join the DIIGO group and then perhaps log in here as well.

Just a thought.

OK, I just started a DIIGO group. Here's the link. Hope to see you all there:

Rashmi, it's up to you to add a feed here in the ning as only you have admin privileges.


I tried to access your mathematics link at Diigo but it did not work. Can you help?

Maggie Verster said:
I have been collecting my maths links for the last year or so here: but I will in future also post it to Darren's group. Sharing bookmarks using a bookmarking tool is absolutely the best as we can then also just embed our resource RSS feed anywhere
I have been working on a series of counting lessons:

Counting to ten with the frogs. Frog Count
Counting to one hundred with pumpkin seeds. Place Value and Pumpkin Seeds
Counting to a billion with rice. How much is a Billion?

I integrate literature with hands-on learning activities to help children learn math in a concrete way. I also use a multi-sensory approach so that I always try to include songs and sensory table activities as well.
Interactive Mathematics links
Hi All!

Here is a collection of math applets for middle school and up.

Try them out!

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