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Writing correct Mathematics expressions is essential for delivering correct Mathematics. For this teachers are required to use Mathematics writing softwares/tools.
I have researched few of them...
1. (Online)
2. (online/offline)
3.Sitmo (can be embedded to a blog/website)

Which tool you are using??
Please Add to this list.

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What tools Math teachers are using ?...Writing Mathematics Expressions
just trying $x^{2}$
I'm using

i find it easy to use and kids have taken to it like ducks to water. I'm pleasantly suprised.
Embed Math symbols in web pages. Read about it.
Useful tools, and they can be used to create images for use on Mathematics24x7. I have added a group "Math Problem Solving" for discussing problems, and embedding equations in the text as images, if they are helpful to the presentation. I also added a discussion topic "Editing Equations on Web 2.0 Discussion Forums" to consider how these tools can be used within social networking and Web 2.0 sites.
If you need to know the LaTeX code for a math symbol, there is a tool,

LaTex Symbol Classifier , with which you can draw the symbol, and it will look up the code for you. That's easier than using the directory of Symbols accessible from LaTeX.
I am using Latex and I have created a tutorial on creating latex in web pages here

and here

I am also planning to write a tutorial on creating a latex document soon.
WIRIS tools let you integrate maths formulas in different web environments.

You can use it in Moodle, Sakai, WordPress,... any tools using TinyMCE, (F)CKeditor, RadEditor can integrate WIRIS editor.
I can do LaTeX - really ...and need to investigate further

but if I want to scribble a quick note to one of my students on our VLE then I find the easiest way to go is an online whiteboard! For example...

OK - back to LaTeX..

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