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There is no escape...believe it or not. Mathematics is everywhere.

Mathematics is a beautiful subject. Some find it interesting and some find it boring and difficult to understand. Being a Math teacher, I believe it is the way in which a concept is delivered which makes it interesting or boring. Many teachers all across the world are using different strategies for making the subject interesting and enjoyable. Teachers are using web based tools for delivering the content , sharing clasroom work etc. One such tool is using a blog .
Are U blogging for your students?
Have U come across any interesting Math blog?

Pls share it here.

compiling the list here

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Hi All!

I created a blog that I use with my students to promote math awareness. In particular, I will be using this blog to generate discussions in my classes during the month of April, which is Mathematics Awareness Month ( Here is the link of my blog:

In my blog, I have a widget that shows a list of interesting math blogs that I follow.

I hope this helps.
I have a blog, though it's more in mathematics education than mathematics.

Here is the latest post, "60 ways to make math activities inclusive."
I just created my first part of the requirements for an online technology course. I, too, am looking for some creative uses of blogs in mathematics classrooms....and am still on the prowl. Let me know if you find any, eh? I find that I am more inclined to use my teacher website at, rather than a blog. Even so, this year, I can inlcude a classroom blog as part of my web page, and am considering doing so, if only to provide additional support for students experiencing difficulties with homework, studying, and so forth.
I like what teacher, Chris Harbeck, is doing to keep student interest high in his classroom. He engages his students with a variety of multimedia projects that showcase the math concepts they are learning.

Making It Interesting

You will find links to his classroom blogs on the main page.
One of my favorites is Math Teacher Mambo. She's had some great ideas! (especially for precalculus topics)
MariaD said:
I have a blog, though it's more in mathematics education than mathematics.

Here is the latest post, "60 ways to make math activities inclusive."
Maria , I read your post and liked it. It is required these days to engage students in learning Math through these kind of activities.
You have listed them very well.
Keep Sharing!!
Shameless self promotion: my blog about maths, teaching and technology.
I'm at Just starting up...
check out mine! primarily for middle school

Practical strategies of classroom are shared on your blog. I liked Learning T RATIOS
I will use it in my class too.
Keep Sharing!
Thanks for a great list. (Delete this comment if you want. I didn't see mine on the list. But now I do.)

Hi all

squareCircleZ at has an emphasis on how math is used in the 'real world', technology in math education and whatever else takes my fancy.

Hope you all enjoy it!

I don't know how to direct you to my collections of maths blogs. I will try to put in the links that appear in my browser window when I open each collection in google reader.

I think that you will need a google account to see them. I'm not sure. I've not attempted this before.

K-12 math blogs

Math Communities

Math teacher blogs

If this works for anyone. I also have a collection of math teacher tweeters, math tweeters and math wikis.


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