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There is no escape...believe it or not. Mathematics is everywhere.

Mathematics is a beautiful subject. Some find it interesting and some find it boring and difficult to understand. Being a Math teacher, I believe it is the way in which a concept is delivered which makes it interesting or boring. Many teachers all across the world are using different strategies for making the subject interesting and enjoyable. Teachers are using web based tools for delivering the content , sharing clasroom work etc. One such tool is using a blog .
Are U blogging for your students?
Have U come across any interesting Math blog?

Pls share it here.

compiling the list here

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Jennifer I like that article on studying vs homework.

I have been revamping my own blog and have in fact created a separate blog for starters - see the link to Mathematics Starters on the right.

Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0
I have a blog "Mathematics Queries" at to satisfy students' queries in Mathematics.


I own a blog wherein I blog about VEDIC  MATHEMATICS  .Those Interested  to write about the same are  invited to join as a writer ..drop me a mail at


After the phase of Vedic explanation is over,I would take my blog to the next phase 





I concentrate mainly on Vedic Mathematics , blogging easy and fun way for Mathematics.

I would like to make more out of vedic system in Mathematics and will blog about it .

I would also like to know if anyone interested in contribute more to it ...if interested drop me a comment

I have started a mathematics blog recently. I would like to thank Madam Rashmi for guiding me to create the blog. Web address of my blog is

So quiet here - where has everybody gone?


Who has used Arithmagons? I have always found them excellent and have written about then here.

Hello everyone,

here is the link of my maths blog: 


Amit Bajaj

All quiet again!

Thinking about blogs this weekend I realised that so many are addressed to the teachers - so I have decided to create one for students! In its infancy at the moment but I'll certainly develop it.



Hi.  I am fairly new to blogging, but here is my effort:

Please visit and say hello.


Your comments on using your fingers for matrix multiplication made me smile - I always use my fingers as I point 'along the rows and down the columns' - and now I see my students doing the same!

Nice job, Jerry. I notice you're using Blogspot, which is the same as Blogger. I have a couple of posts showing how to include math(s) notation in Blogspot/Blogger blogs. One method uses MathJax, and requires adjusting your blog header (once). The other method uses MathType. Hope it can be of use to you or someone else.

(For those not familiar with MathJax, it's an open source display engine that will display LaTeX and/or MathML in any browser on any platform. It doesn't require you to download or buy anything; all it requires is making the one change to your blog header. This is easy and described in the article at the link below. MathJax home page:

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